The origins of Lloyd back to a cafe in the city of London was owned by Edward Lloyd. Its existence was first recorded in February 1688 when it appeared a notice in the London Gazette.

Near the River Thames, the Lloyd's cafe was frequented by men connected with the sea, especially merchants prepared to accept certain ships and transport of goods. In the seventeenth century, insurance companies did not exist as we know them now. Or individuals used to ensure "secure" commercial risks personally.

Driven by Edward Lloyd, who provided written material and reliable information on vessels, the cafeteria was soon recognized as the place to obtain marine insurance. After his death in 1713, the cafeteria remained a convenient meeting point for merchants held informal meetings and do not related insurance or business.

Today, the name is synonymous with insurance Lloyd's worldwide. As a society unparalleled Insurers, is recognized by the wide range of insurance offers unsurpassed safety and that lies behind their policies.

Edward Lloyd never have imagined the international prestige that one day his name would charge.