Product Launch Electronic Equipment individual procurement.

Subscription AYAX Risk, launched last May 2, 2014 its new product Electronic Equipment (Gadget) adapted to individual contracts, allowing secure from phones, smartphones, iPhones, tablets or iPads.

To date AYAX this product was only available for some groups and not individually hiring allowed.

With this release AYAX underwriting, makes a bet by insurance brokers channel, allowing these to include in its product portfolio the insurance of electronic equipment.

Currently and according to industry statistics, Spain is the leading country in the European Union regarding the number of smartphones per capita, so with this new product brokerages have a new loyalty and retention tool for its customers.

The product consists of a basic guarantee, which ensures damage resulting from major risks to each type of electronic device, such as:

- Spill liquids and moisture - accidental damage (falls, breaks, ...)

- Break screen

- Burglary and robbery

- breakdowns

- Fraudulent use of calls

- International Coverage

Also, the new 'Secure Electronic Equipment' has the novelty of expanding basic coverage to an enlarged and can cover the accidental loss.

Benefits of the product

Coverage in a single policy up to 10 electronic equipment. For example, a family can have a single policy for all electronic equipment without several contracts.

Discounts up to 18% if multiple devices are secured in one policy.

equipment covered whose age at the time of hiring does not exceed 12 months.

competitive premiums ranging from 4,98 eur./mes per device.

Subscription Ayax Risk is an underwriting agency and Coverholder Lloyd's of London, subscribing today for several insurance companies. It is also a Reinsurance Brokerage and provides support different insurance companies.

For more information about the product:

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