In AYAX, we have designed a set of insurance solutions that adapt perfectly to the different industry, sectors and type of risks through low-cost policies in relation to the positive impact and value generated by consumers. 

AYAX Affinity and Warranty consists of different business lines totally adaptable to the customer needs, so that solutions can be created that group different products into a single package of coverages. 

Warranty Extension

(From one to three years on manufacturer warranty) 

  • Auto: Cars, vans, buses, farm machinery, construction machinery...
  • Appliance (B&W Lines): Fridges, washing machines, food processors, TV, DVD, stereo system...-
  • Furniture and Sofas
  • Machinery

Electronic Devices

(Breakage, Failure, Theft, Theft, Fraudulent use of calls, worldwide coverage ...)

  • Smartphone
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Tablets
  • iPod
  • Etc

Motor Products

  • AYAX GAP Protected
  • Warranty Extension
  • Tyres / Alloy Wheels
  • "Dent and Ding" Insurance
  • 100% Satisfaction through a money-back guarantee for customers
  • Key Insurance
  • Mis-fuelling insurance

Other Lines 

  • Excess protection for rent-a-car vehicles
  • Protection of payments on loans, insurances, underwritings
  • Replacement vehicle for accident/ failure

Directed to a wide range of activity sectors, AYAX Affinity & Warranty is a product that will add value to your customers and differentiate itself from the competition. A perfect complement for different distribution channels: 

> Telephone manufacturers 

> Associations/Clubs 

> Insurance Companies 

> Stores (Retails) 

> Vehicles Manufacturers 

> Services Providers 

> Airlines 

> Banks 

> Vehicles Dealers 

> Renting Business

> Credit Cards 

> Insurance Brokers and Brokerages 


If you want to know more about this product, contact us through or by calling 952 65 65 54.