AYAX Sport Accidents in an insurance product specially designed to offer a comprehensive cover against accidents related with the sport world


In AYAX, we have develop an insurance designed to give solution to the legal obligation marked by “Royal Decree 1835/1991, of December 20, on Spanish Sports Federations and Register of Sport Association” of the Spanish Law.

The aim of this insurance is to provide coverage against death, disability and health care resulting from an accident in the practice of federated sports, guaranteeing a high-quality service for this sector:

  • Royal Decree Coverage
  • Health Centers throughout the national territory
  • Legal Defense coverage to federated
  • Access for federations to a computerized management platform


A policy designed to cover the risks of the professional sport. With AYAX Pro Sport we provide a a tailored product adjustable to the different types of risk depending on sport disciplines. 

  • Possibility of contracting high capitals and death
  • Coverages of professional incapacity
  • Possibility of contracting Temporary disability
  • Coverages for sports professional groups
  • Legal Assistance


If you want to know more about this product, contact us through info@ayaxsuscripcion.com or by calling 952 65 65 54.

Brochure AYAX Sports Accidents