Market changes help us to renew and innovate new products and solutions to satisfy the needs and demands of our clients.

In times of economic turbulence, the additional services that a company offers their clients are increasing more important and more valued in order to create and strengthen brand loyalty as well as generate additional revenue to make their business more profitable.

In this respect, AYAX is always willing to work with our partners to learn more about their business and create new opportunities to help promote their brand and fulfill their principal objectives: to increase services to their customers and improve the profitability of their business.

AYAX specialist in the design of tailored products, benefit from highly qualified staff, from lawyers, economists and actuaries, which help make our clients project a reality allowing them to create their own products, providing an important added value to their clients and differentiating them from the competition.

AYAX, within the capacity which has been delegated by different international insurers, is responsible for the management of the business process at the level of administration and control, leaving the distribution and marketing of the product in the hands of our partners.